Learning something new: getting information from SSIS packages with PowerShell

In the series of learning something new, I started with analysing of the SSIS package XML. I know what I want to extract, so let the fun begin. I will use Powershell to get the data from the .dtsx files and save it to the database. The whole script is presented below with comments. For more information scroll down. #I will use Out-DbaDataTable and Write-DbaDataTable from dbatools, so import it Import-Module dbatools   # find recursively all Executable nodes in .dtsx file function Find-Executables($fileName, $executable) { foreach($item in $executable) { # are we there, yet? (if no – recursion) if($item.Executables) { Find-Executables $fileName $item.Executables.Executable }   # if yes –

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