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SQL Server. SSIS. PowerShell. Azure.
1 wife. 1 kid. 4 dogs. 10 cats.

I blog with WordPress since the 17th of February 2009. At first, I used a blog-as-a-service approach, as I wanted just to start writing and see how it goes, not building all the infrastructure. I was writing for myself, to document interesting things I found during my adventures with SQL Server.

Then, in 2017 I decided to switch to an English blog. I wanted to do the next step, and as I was helping run other WordPress-based websites, I started my own hosted blog – again using WordPress.

After the next three years (and a half) I got fed up with it. All the interface changes, plugins updates ruining the websites, the editor that started to hamper instead of help in writing – I started looking for alternatives. The best, if it would support MarkDown, as I write almost all my documents and notes using .md files *).

And I found GitHub Pages. I’ve read some comments, tutorials about migration, using Jekyll and all that stuff, but decided to go with Hugo.

It will take some time to migrate all the things to a new format. So I will do a two-step process: prepare a new blog post using Hugo, and then I will start migrating the content. Because I know if I start with the migration it will take a lot of time until I will have written a new blog post. And I already work on a few new posts.

There’s also an additional benefit. In June 2020 I started a new work and the new path of the “DevOps Engineer”. I don’t like this title, as for me DevOps == TeamWork, but that’s the title I got. I prefer to call myself “the one that works towards automating the stuff”, but it does not sound as fancy as “DevOps Engineer”. But to the point – I want to know better automation mechanisms behind the GitHub, so it’s also a great way to force myself to learn more about automation outside of the Azure stack.

So – that’s it. I wish myself luck to finish the transition until the end of 2020.

Fingers crossed.

*) I write mostly in VSCode + Markdown Preview Enhanced plugin, but also I use Obsidian and Zettlr for my private notes. Also – for learning – I use RemNote. Not exactly markdown based, but since I started investing more time in learning how to learn - it really helps me to understand and learn better.

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